Mon contes de beauté

The things you can find here are what I have found to be beautiful.

i still wonder how things are really over. we both just walked away from a love so real.

i wish i knew how else to say this.

i wish i couldn’t say the love i wanted forever was gone. but it is. this past week made me reflect on all the choices i have ever made in relationships and question every single one of them. i know its not going to make a damn difference now but i cant help thinking about it. i cant help wondering how i fell for someone that in the end just left me. how could someone that i nursed when they were sick, loved when they were wrong, and gave all my pride and dignity to just walk away from that? i cant say you didnt love me because i truly believe you did. but i think that it took everything in you to make yourself feel that. i dont think loving is something that comes naturally for you. i think you have to make yourself want that, the way i used to watch my dad try and make himself want love too. i see so much of that in you. and it hurts to say that things are left unsettled. but i think this is better, because i dont think you can be with someone like me, with out desiring someone exactly like me.

love feeling like i time traveled back to the fifties :]

love feeling like i time traveled back to the fifties :]

who needs someone else when there’s someone like you.

alone, hardened, otherwise apathetic to anything at all anymore.

who needs to come along and tell you to otherwise?

what sort of angel are you looking for?

who do you think is going to bring the light that you have not been able to find yourself?

you wish for her to hold your hand?

no one wants to touch stone,

no one wants to be cold.

how long does it take for someone to realize the one they love is just second best. how long until the good ones go. how long until you realize you can do better.

biggest lobes i have EVER soon.. whoa.

biggest lobes i have EVER soon.. whoa.

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